Aurok Ltd - Suspension Specialists


Aurok are the main UK distributor for Öhlins car suspension products. In conjunction with our network of agents this provides design, development and production services for nearly all major racing series' worldwide and OE product.

Aurok are also working closely with Nitron to develop there product range and also produce new product for an ever growing market.

We provide technical support and help with warranty work for Performance Parts Direct, UK importer of Koni.

We have cars running Aurok-built Öhlins dampers in Stock Hatch, Mini Miglia, Mini Se7en, Formula Ford, F3, GT, LMES, BTCC, STCC, WTCC, A1GP, Rally Raid, JWRC, WRC, Autograss, National Hot Rod, Historic Sports Cars, TGP, MGCC, in fact pretty much any racing series you could name! This is not including the road product that we also have to offer.

We have cars running Nitrons valved by Aurok in the VW Cup Series, Caterham Sprint series and SportMaxx series. We also have Aurok valved Nitrons out on road cars too and are working closely with Nitron to increase the amount of their product we have out on the field. Keep your eyes open for the new Off Road product being released this year, 2011.

A large percentage of the damper builds we carry out here at Aurok are bespoke design, development and production for a particular application, so we can produce one off units for almost any vehicle!